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at hand

August 26, 2011


the end is nigh; the fiesta will no longer be, time is beyond thy reach; oh syawal approaches! Advertisements

Family for (the) End

August 24, 2011


Time is a curious matter. To win against time’s slow decaying prowess, here briefly is my personal account, put in words, of what is one of the most important events of the past months. The week was one of celebration. A five day full of masters of academic fields walking past you in what glorious […]


August 23, 2011


The heart is whole again In between the two seasons where the sun and rain meet in the heavens above The spirit is whole again Let it stride forth, be it aloft!


August 6, 2011


Suatu jenis kedamaian dirasa tatkala punggung dilabuhkan ke lantai; bersantai di ruang legar itu. Dalam kalangan ramai yang duduk beristirehat, aku berseorangan. Ya, kadangkala keseorangan di balik keramaian memberikan suatu jenis kedamaian. Selesa dengan kehadiran semua, selesa juga dengan ruang kecil ku sendiri. Angin yang bertiup dek kerana senibina bangunan itu yang beratap tinggi membawa […]

Finally, Reality

August 4, 2011


Time seems to stop when one sits and think back, or contemplate life, especially going through the various strands of memories that were kept intact, exploring the moments of joys of laughter or bitter sadness. The activity that most find too troublesome to partake in during the busiest of times, yet an idea more comforting […]