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March 31, 2011


Running away; So fast, i cannot believe i’ve reached a place so distant. Sleepless nights; So often, my waking hours are deranged. The current phase of my life is coming to an end. And now it seems that everything connects. All the dots coming together forming a clear presentment of the time that had been, […]


March 20, 2011


I am sitting down, sipping the cup of tea i now make every single day. The velvety liquid reminds me of home, for that, though in its alteration, is grandmother’s special drink for our family. Listening to the now memorized tunes of Mozart Piano Concerto No. 23, i bathe in the streams of sunlight that […]


March 8, 2011


What wonderment people once had, it is now gone. Or so i think, judging from my own stand as of now. Understandably, i may be in the wrong, for one is different from the whole, yet contributing to it even so. Tireless hard work and it has all come to naught, for to last is […]