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December 31, 2010


This i write on a Friday, a day blessed. This one day is somewhat special. It is the end day of the Gregorian calendar this year. I want to say that this post is dedicated to this last part of the year, but in retrospect, i did not write any posts on the last hours […]


December 26, 2010


I do not particularly have a specific central theme or an idea to be built upon for this post. This time, i write for the sake of continuing the passion or rather, to stop the non-continuity of my writing sessions of late. I can pinpoint one of the reasons which makes writings these days hard. […]


December 25, 2010


“The shape is right, the attitude is right, the proportions are right, but that indescribable something which makes the Lion of Lucerne the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world, is wanting.” I was given the opportunity to travel the world. This time, i took it for a trip in the direction […]