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an inkling of doubt

August 19, 2010


Some things one have to leave behind. And when he forgets what he was, and the things he lost, … no words will express the feelings justly, nor thought, but tears that run down the cheeks be the manifest of emotions so strong Advertisements


August 16, 2010


I am back again at home. This time, i went away for an event yearly held for KYUEM students, the Muslim Youth Camp. And again, i went there not as a facilitator, but as the photographer and ad hoc crew. It was only the day of the event, that fajr after prayer that i decided […]

August 12, 2010


The beginnings of a dilemma that will shape the face of the year i see emerging again. Thus i should rather say the reemergence of a once-had difficulty. To sit idle, and perfect the harsh ends for a more refined outcome. Or to go beyond, and explore future ideas.

August 10, 2010


At times, i prefer to just sit down and listen. But i care. For to give, you must have something worth giving.

Under the morning shine did i find tears

August 7, 2010


“Thanks, abang” These simple words bore out of courtesy and honesty struck me like no other in the week i travelled out of town. And i would have wept if the smile full of warmth i did not wear to match the simple gesture full of emotions. Instances such as this made the job filled […]