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November 22, 2009


Friend. A visitor. Memories distant approaches the head lost in admiration of her, whose rays of light bring lives, happiness, to people, by the will of God. Ai, you came again, heart’s long awaited visitant. Advertisements

November 20, 2009


It is always a good sign when people start to open up. When feelings rush out of the container that is the heart, flowing in rhythmic euphoria, to be shared with another being, one at peace with the other. The shared emotion, while strengthening the quality of the experience, begs the question: the wisdom behind […]


November 18, 2009


  Ditanya kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. berhubung puasa pada hari Arafah, maka Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda; “Berpuasa pada hari Arafah menghapuskan dosanya setahun sebelum dan setahun selepas”. (Riwayat Imam Muslim)  


November 7, 2009


We are giving the wrong signals to the community as a whole. The ISoc strives to be a show of good values, yet at the center, the base at which the members are there physically, a lax attitude toward cleanliness and tidiness dampen the cause. Do we not realize Islam is whole? Put Islam in […]

November 3, 2009


She’s here with me. He’s there. Or was. Make du’a. For hearts will crush under pressure.

November 1, 2009


Charity Week is finally come to the University of Warwick. The TIME is NOW