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The 8 Values of 1Malaysia

May 17, 2009


Culture of Excellence Perseverance Humility Acceptance Loyalty Meritocracy Education Integrity Advertisements

The Trilemma in History

May 15, 2009


The preferred approach is therefore to examine what countries do, not what they say (Obstfeld and Rogoff 1995; Calvo and Reinhart 2001, 2002; Levy-Yeyati and Sturzenegger 2002; Reinhart and Rogoff 2004).

May 9, 2009


With a wallpaper so blue, how can studying not be relaxing?

May 8, 2009


A new dawn. Yes, Congratulations to dear Hazim and Yan Foo. Not to forget Tom (Nain) who won against his good friend Ron.

May 5, 2009


Tahniah buat seorang kenalan yang berjaya solat jemaah lima kali hari ini di musolla kawasan kediamannya. Masya-Allah, brother, keep up the good job. Istiqamah!

May 3, 2009