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December 30, 2008


Dear All, When there’s shooting there’s a response’ proclaimed Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, the so called ‘moderate’ candidate for Israeli Prime Minister. ‘What state would not respond when attacked?’ the Israeli propaganda machine would have us ask, when trying to justify the bloodbath in Gaza as a response to Hamas rocket attacks from the […]

December 30, 2008


Are we not friends of them? Then, what part are we playing now? Palestine..


December 27, 2008


Perjalanan masih jauh. Tp kali ini, izinkanlah diri ku ini mencurahkan sedikit pengalaman yang telah ku petik dari pokok-pokok yang telah tertanam di sudut hati dan benak minda. Cuti musim sejuk ku telah ku mulakan dengan perjumpaan ku dengan abang ku dan memenuhi permintaan jemputan daripada rakan-rakan seperjuangan yang sedang menetap di Greenwich. Saudara Pali, […]

December 19, 2008


Snoring. Tired. That’s the warmth of the host that is now sleeping on the bed now. Peace..


December 17, 2008


Ai, how the heart aches when he’s off in search of experience, letting go of the temporal haven that it now considers as home. And it shows; how the body now responds in a boring manner, a sickness that sweeps over the youth that should be transparent in every action of valour undertaken by the […]


December 6, 2008


I was at the station, figuring out which line at which platform will lead me to Earl’s Court from Euston Station. As that was my second experience with the tube, i wasn’t that good in deciphering the marked maps. Giving up, as i was too tired in my part, coming from Coventry that evening, i […]

December 5, 2008


We did not realize that a short macroeconomics essay question would cost us hours of frustration to grasp its meaning and finally to start doing it. Part of the frustration came from the fact that the last night of term would be exhausted with the essay. Had we known the issue was this grave, we […]