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October 30, 2008


Jacket potato with butter. Hazelnut-flavoured latte. And a piece of world history paper. What do these add up to? A dinner in the midst of a musical storm. Advertisements

Oh the first

October 28, 2008


It rained ice.. It snowed! From inside the Arts Centre, the view is a new one. With a sultana muffin at hand, and hot chocolate to keep warm, i dreaded the journey back home.. Oh. Seasons change, as do hearts. Norm is the one while the other surprises. Cosmos-part and always have been. All there […]


October 27, 2008


Knowledge does not come in any one and only form. Though i wasn’t able to grasp the very thing i set my eyes upon, i gained much more in its stead. Yea, the travel with the inner-self opened the gates locked for a while. Now, the scorn for some things have been lifted. Now, there […]

October 23, 2008



October 19, 2008


The winds have come. Longing, I tremble…


October 16, 2008


What does the heart desire? Have you been true to yourself… What is the awakening? Have you been true to yourself… What have you sealed? Have you been true to yourself… Hearts that sing Lend me your voice Memory that shelters Lend me your faith And eyes that understand Deliver me from the dark Oh […]


October 13, 2008


Realization came to me this morning. One that i wasn’t aware of, though telltales of it did come to me almost a week ago. The burden which is now taken by others to help fulfill, in the name of togetherness for the sake of achieveing a greater good. But why do people think so lightly […]