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Enchanted not?

September 30, 2008


So here i am in the University of Warwick in Coventry. And have i pictures to show? No. Have i taken even one shot? No. O prayers of silent past, why am i disillusioned by my current now? That i’ve took the oath and passed, should i be a more outstanding now? Advertisements

Wonder Pets.

September 24, 2008


The future of civilization have always been in the hands of puny successors taught by current leaders. But now in the societal chaos of our country, where to can we look for the bringing up of our children, pure, untainted by the debris of hate.

September 21, 2008


He embraced the dark side of the Force in Malachor V. Would he do the same in the new environment pre-destined? Time will tell.. oh… it will

September 14, 2008




September 12, 2008


Lakeside. £109 per week. £436 per month. £4251 for the 39-weeks let. The price tag would mean i have to practice a new diet once settled there. One big in place of hundreds of smaller ones. WIsE ? Hmm..


September 10, 2008


Children.. What delight there are to the hearts of men. A great gift from the Lord God, to be cherished and loved. Solat tarawih at the Masjid al-‘Alami gave me a chance (for the sake of words only, as we muslims believe there is nothing as random as chance, as He controls all things) encounter […]


September 8, 2008


To what extent would you go to prove that which you hold true in your heart? Freedom and Justice! In the now world of lies, what then is your limit?