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August 28, 2008


Life puzzles, doesn’t it? That success comes in a multitude of ways, unlooked-for at times. Yet when you ever dreamt of the heaven of glory, it may decide to not come, to have you groping in the darkness. The ways of God are beyond our comprehension.. Subhanallah. Advertisements


August 10, 2008



The Effect

August 10, 2008


Last post before my.. well let me see; 11th – 15th : BTN 16th – 17th : FCR 17th – 21st : KPR 10 days’ worth of journey/camps(?). Hmm.. The doom of my studying hours for 2 years will show its effects today, on the 10th of August, 2008. Yet, the news will only be […]


August 9, 2008


Spirit of love, toil, and sacrifice. Spirit of love, toil, and sacrifice. Spirit of love.. Spirit of love.. Come to us now and bless us. God, have we been profaning our Faith? Think about it.


August 7, 2008


O page, forgive me, for i’ve lost my touch on this after so many days estranged from the world of no limits. May the portrayal be not realized, between myself and the world. Though, i am not regretting the days lost to the travels, for believe me, i’ve gained so much.