Ex-bounder Dilemma

Posted on July 27, 2008


* alia.. asma.. aisha.. apen.. dz.. ede.. irfan.. iwan.. j-pah.. jimah.. kim.. milo.. mior.. nain.. nazri.. pac.. pija..

Shall i narrate what transpired for 25 days, deprived of luxuries?

For now, i shall not. I do not have the heart to do so. Nor did i have during the course, for not even once have i registered an entry in the logbook of the watch. I couldn’t master the feeling of the whole experience, believing it more than what could be described, fearing a loss tone affecting the symphony of memories. Too deep in thoughts i have been told too many a time, yet where i am now as compared to before? Too little thinking marks you as the world’s fool, yet too many, as one of another kind. Moderation as always is the best; bravery.

Outward bound school i went to. An ex-bounder i am now. How do i lead my live now? In what sense have the course changed my personal development?

After 25 days, who am i?

*(note: ascending alphabetical order)

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