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June 28, 2008


Adapun ini merupakan tulisan buat peringatan adik-adik yang masih punya masa di bumi kyuem. Maaf terlebih dahulu dipinta atas kesilapan tatabahasa yang digunapakai kali ini. wah, bahasa melayu nan indah sungguh sukar ditundukkan. Hanya seperti semalam ku menerima panggilan daripada pegawai unit penajaan biasiswa suatu badan korporat. Ibu di rumah menjawab dengan perasaan gembira bercampur […]


June 26, 2008


Life’s a mystery. When one sees a thing, he despises it. But then, when devoid of the very thing he once hated he began to miss it. The love of things. The love that leads to feel of loss. The loss time that should have been spent on the thing he once neglected. He then […]

May it be…

June 24, 2008


Will car crashes dampen friendship? The very question i faced this morn. Ferdaus, Hafizuddin, it was great a reunion, though only 3 days have passed since parting. Really, it was a most friendly atmosphere you prepared for us, and am thankful and i think he’s too, for boredom that is always synonymous with us ex-kyuemians […]

Untukmu Teman

June 23, 2008


May this bring forth the memories, dear teman… Di sini kita pernah bertemu Mencari warna seindah pelangi Ketika kau menghulurkan tanganmu Membawaku ke daerah yang baru Dan hidupku kini ceria Kini dengarkanlah Dendangan lagu tanda ingatanku Kepadamu teman Agar ikatan ukhuwah kan bersimpul padu Kenangan bersamamu Takkanku lupa Walau badai datang melanda Walau bercerai jasad […]


June 22, 2008


I’m suffocated by the feeling of loss as of now, thus the following answers would be short ad meaningful. I have not the heart to write much, for there is so much to reminisce. KYUEM… English version 1. What do you love most of kyuem? that it is a platform for everyone to excel in […]


June 20, 2008


Parting… The hardest part of sailing in the ship called friends.. I’m sorry i was silent yesterday night.. The hour kept pressing on me, the mood kept haunting me, i was speechless.. Sorry for everything.. And thank you for everything.. May tomorrow be the reflection of the memory gained through experience.

Haus Party

June 18, 2008


What makes firm a decision? Determination. Determination based on belief.  I have my own belief. The farewell party that i left straight after dining was one based on this. The three of you may not understand, may never will. Once my grip was loose, the rope slippery. I have since then tried to improve, desperately. […]