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Morals… Ethics…

April 30, 2008


This college of mine is offering me a lot. In terms of education. But more importantly, it is contributing to the maturation of my thoughts, thanks to the myriad persona i’m confronting on a day-to-day basis. In this confusing atmosphere, where do morals and ethics stand? Let me do justice to both of them by […]


April 29, 2008


The missed batch photoshoot session was nothing to be regretted, for i take no pleasure in having my photo which will be ignored in the end taken. Though, my regret is that my action had external costs. My absence during the afternoon in the Great Hall may have caused trouble to fellow colleagues, especially the […]


April 28, 2008


The day of the end creeps ever so near, with realization coming late as hours lost to joyous meaningless activities meant to ease the passage of time lest the mind be burdened with the truth so devastating it would consume the waking hours supposed to be in dedication of studying though in the end, it […]


April 27, 2008


27th April, 2008. Mum came with lil’ sis Izzatee, and her cousin, Nadirah. And i’ve used them as the means for my going to Tanjong Malim to have some things done. Did i think how they’ve all come all the way from lovely Melaka just to see me?.. Did i think all they seek in […]


April 15, 2008


What am I feeling now is hard to digest. Shocked? Disgust? What i know is it’s one of a nauiseating kind. Again, i’m writing about birthdays, so i would think this is a continuation from the post Happy Birthday(!). Afiq and hafiz have written in their respective weblogs, what i’m trying to relay here. Though […]

"Renewed shall be blade that was broken…"

April 14, 2008


Though the last paper for me lies in the heat of tomorrow’s noon, i’m updating my blog now, as next to sleep(which my body lusts for now), i think writing is better, before i will be more distracted by entertainment which is now part of the modern world as it is now, the culture hedonisme […]