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Price for being all HIGH and MIGHTY

January 13, 2008


The last day at home finally approaches and the new hole above ground that i take for shelter still smells, well, new. The Net hasn’t been weaved by the spiders of TM yet, and so the bill for being high and mighty all this while was but waiting in the Y!Mail in-box. And here it […]

I’m falling apart…

January 8, 2008


A meaningful song by a beautiful singer at a time most perfect for a heart like me.. Slow Me Down (Emmy Rossum, Stuart Brawley, Bridget Benenate) Rushing and racing and running in circlesMoving so fast I’m forgetting my purposeBlur of the traffic is sending me spinningI’m getting nowhereMy head and my heart are colliding – […]


January 4, 2008


In the world of mind liberalization, what would one would feel to be rejected? What would one feel to be dumped by his lover? For one, he would be confused, and consequently sad, which in the end reflections will take hold of him, and sometimes that would haunt him for the rest of his pitiful […]