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Balik kampung…

July 10, 2007


A story that never ends. I still remember the good old days, when i knew not violence and innocence seemed synonymous to the world around. Yea, the time when i watched with my bro the fantasy “The Neverending Story”. It was one of the most influential story of my past-life, for i still remember it […]

fashion matters…

July 5, 2007


Sometimes i do feel estranged from the lives of the people around me. I dunno why, but i seem to wanna know what’s going on around. Not to the extent of eavesdropping or anything mind you, but yea, just so i know what’s going on. And i think that’s why i’m feeling terribly terrible during […]

Ija, Siti, Aimi…

July 4, 2007


I have still 2 more weeks to go before the college reopens. Time enough to indulge myself in the art of culinary. Just made a fusion dish, easy. As i went to a kenduri aqiqah, the host gave us something to be brought back, gifts n nasi beriani n lauk, included the delicious rendang daging. […]

Thinking Better of Others

July 1, 2007


And so the days of my being a junior KYUEMian is ended. While now waiting for another 2 weeks to pass to become what i’ve feared to be, i shall narrate what have become of myself of late. The awards day, a day meant to celebrate those who succeeded in completing their course(which virtually means […]