Rings Galore!

Posted on April 14, 2007


What better way to spend the last day at home than cooking a home-made choc cake, aye? Not this time!

The Eerie Plague: The Green Egg.
And i just watched the Reaping with its blood-egg that Hilary cracked into her frying pan. I was happily stirring the usual starting mixture of butter and sugar when i started cracking the eggs, and out came not-so-viscous-a-fluid-to-be-a-decent-egg, not to mention its greenish-black and it stank(!) like a stinking rotten egg, and was it way beyond rotten. Eww.. Thank God i didn’t crack the egg right into the mixture. If that would’ve happened, goodbye yummy moist cake.

And just found out that Hajar was and still am a big fan of The Lord of The Rings. To have her as my physics class-and-desk-mate for that long and been blinded all this while, i surely have to regain my self. Yes, precious, regain what we have lost. (Gollum! Gollum!) Become a LOTRien once more. I wonder if she was one herself..

And tomorrow would be my journey back to college. Half-yay! I know that when the time comes, it would be hard to depart with the shelter that is my family that has been ever so kind to me for the past 3 weeks and my entire past-life. And i would embrace again my family of ever so friendly friends at college.

And me and my family went out for dinner and there we heard the news of Yin’s return. Alhamdulillah. And there were many at the restaurant, eyes locked on the tv, on the popular Akademi Fantasia. What’s happening to us, our culture? Something we ought to think about more carefully..

And i noticed crushes circling around. I would reserve my comment for now but i’d like to quote from two of Raihan’s songs;

“Carilah cinta yang sejati,
yang ada hanyalah pada-Nya;
Carilah cinta yang hakiki,
yang ada pada-Nya yang Esa..”

“When you fall in love with Allah,
the bonds of love survive..”

Remembered watching Blood Diamond on the way back from Taiping. How the people are deprived of needs.. And here I am spending money on things unnecessary. And i’m thinking, am i worthy of the money given to me? Am i worth it? Now i’m making a half-promise that i’d not use the allowance money given by PNB in the future. So friends if you are reading, remind me if i would be lost in the future. Hope..

ps: I’d be waiting for another screening of a LOTR marathon with a good sound system that would shake the entire chalet when war breaks. And i’d hope it would be after the trials. Trials?! No! This wednesday..

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