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The journey home – End part

February 23, 2007


Morning came.. We did all the washings needed, performed subuh prayers. and meor’s dad proposed that we eat out. i was happy, yet another chance to explore kuala lumpur with these lovely people. surprise, surprise, we went to another mamak restaurant for breakfast. got back home(meor’s) and settled down. meor was so into counter-strike : […]

The journey home.. Pt.1

February 20, 2007


Friday came, the last day of college before the Chinese New Year holidays. and trouble came, as huzaifah told me that his sister would be coming home, and it was not possible for me to stay the night at his place. what was i to do? i kept my cool, saying to myself there will […]


February 18, 2007


But before bangsawan there was ICAN(Islamic Cultural and Arts Nights). I was in the performance committee under the supervision of buzz and fatensyam and if u guys are reading this, i apologize if i’ve done anything wrong, and if i’ve failed in whatever i did. Nowseeheart came, and their music was pleasant. The two things […]


February 18, 2007


And so the first month of my 2nd semester in KYUEM is over. Lots of things happened. And think i, it was the busiest month i ever experienced in KYUEM. First, came the bangsawan. It was such a big and glorious event. I still wonder who was the first of the cultural club presidents to […]