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January 11, 2007


So the days of college is finally come. Ere the sun sets, i will be back there. KYUEM. It’s ironic that i really wanted to go back there the first few weeks of holiday but now i’m so reluctant to leave home. May be it’s in the nature of human beings, that their wants = […]

Now comes the iPhone

January 10, 2007


I knew i made the right decision when i chose not to buy an iPod at the moment. Come 2007, my dream is made reality, or half-reality. Make way for the new Apple iPhone! Before, Apple did try for the mobile phone market, as we saw in the Motorola ROKR E1. Though the model never […]

The End of Days

January 10, 2007


Chobits has just finished running on animax. What a beauty..And house, 2 episodes to go till the end of season. And i won’t be able to see the 2. sigh..And i’m definitely in love with paradise kiss and honey & clover. Ahh.. love is in the air.. MYC(Muslim Youth Camp)’s coming. It’s been a while […]


January 2, 2007


Some of the targets i am to achieve throughout the year 2007: 1. to contemplate life each nite before going off to slumberland2. to apologize and be sorry for every wrong that i’ll do, and be forgiving towards others3. to be kind towards others, to think of others before own self4. to be more sociable […]

A new beginning

January 2, 2007


A new year begins. What do i hope for in 2007? What have i to give in this year? For life’s meaning is in giving. In the past few weeks, my heart is filled again with the joy a business program is to offer. This has not come to me since the dawn of high […]