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The da Vinci Code

May 21, 2006


I watched The da Vinci Code on the 18th of May, 2006, the first screening of the film at GSC Melaka. We are lucky that we live in the East, as we have the privilege of watching movies way earlier, compared to the Europeans(or the West). I would say that the movie adaptation is quite […]

the Need for Speed

May 13, 2006


And I don’t mean the game series. An incident inspired me to write this entry. It was a beautiful afternoon to play outdoors, thus we(my friends and I) decided to play basketball. On the way to the Rakan Muda recreational centre(where the court is located), my old(not of age) friend asked, “ever tried to drift?” […]


May 12, 2006


As a school-leaver, it’s typical for me to crash my head to think/plan of my future. And now, I have stumbled upon 3 options of pursuing my higher education (for the moment). Come to think of it, I did encounter this sort of road-block in the past. The first was on the year 2001, the […]

da Vinci

May 10, 2006


First off, i think it’s disgusting that Dan Brown uses ‘The da Vinci Code’ as the title for his best-seller. That’s insulting Leonardo for da Vinci literally means, of Vinci, which does not even points to that man(Leonardo) of which he is one of the more prominent figures in the novel. Then, to understand more […]

for starters

May 9, 2006


Here i am, once again, trying to blog myself out of the ordinary. Though blog-a-phobic i am, it’s time to confront it for college life’s around the corner and blogging’s a way to express my ownself to friends of far-away.